WIAW #3: Comfort Foods

Yesterday I got treated like a princess! Josh is on holidays this week and has taken over a lot of the cooking for the week. This means that I got a very yummy dinner and some awesome treats to eat yesterday. Seriously, things were tasty around here :) I am sharing my WIAW once again this week. Thanks again Jenn for the link-up!



Don’t tell anyone, but I might be a bit spoiled (hehe). Yesterday I was getting ready for work and was having a blah morning. Sometimes I just don’t feel like making breakfast. I like breakfast and I know I NEED to eat in order to feel good and not bite off the heads or pour innocent children. Despite knowing how important breakfast is, sometimes I just can’t bring myself to make it. Nothing seem appealing and I have to try really hard to make myself eat something.

wiaw oct21

Luckily my wonderful fiancee came to my rescue. He kindly got out of bed and made me a breakfast sandwich. He is so awesome! The breakfast sandwich was awesome and it hit the spot. I am so glad I caught him on a good day, he must have been feeling guilty about staying in bed while I went to work on this dreary, raining day.


I didn’t work on Monday but I had lunch all packed just in case (life of a supply teacher), so Tuesday morning I was able to pull it out of the fridge and threw it in my bag for yesterday’s lunch. Apparently my lunch was extremely interesting to Finnick. I sweat cats are very nosy. They always need to know what’s going on.

wiaw finnick

Lunch was a piece of ham from the crock pot and some mixed veggies. I know, not very exciting, but quick and nutritious so it works. I forgot my fork at home though and had to swipe one from the staff room kitchen. Sometimes not having a permanent work place isn’t too fun.

wiaw oct 21 7

In order to spice up my sad little lunch I threw in some veggie sticks and a honey crisp apple. I am still in love with both of these snacks. I will be sad when the season changes and I can no longer get good apples. That is one of the sad things about living in a slightly cooler climate. I am getting jealous of reading other blogger’s posts about running around in sun dresses still as I pull out my winter coat. Oh well I will be happy when we have a white Christmas!


In between my day job and my evening tutoring session I decided to duck home to curb my late afternoon hunger. I decided to cure my bagel craving with half an everything bagel and some Laughing Cow Cheese. It was delicious and just what I ordered. It was a hairy sort of day and come tasty carbs were needed.

wiaw oct21 2


When I finally got home I was greeted by a wonderful sight. Josh was hard at work making homemade soup and chocolate chip cookies! Wow, maybe he is trying to wrack up some brownie points? I am not too worried about the reason, it was just plain awesome.

Josh made Broccoli and Cheddar Soup. He slims it down with light cheese and skim milk. It is really good and packed with veggies. I don’t make that soup because it needs to be blended. I don’t have the patience for that but Josh does. I love soup and it was the perfect comfort food dinner for a long rainy day. Things are getting cold around here!

wiaw 21 4

I was very excited when I realized there were chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven for dessert. I really am spoiled! I think we should all just pretend that I only ate the two cookies on this plate. I really can’t bring too many baked goods into the house, who would turn down homemade cookies? I wouldn’t!

wiaw oct 21 3

Those are my Tuesday eats. I am really looking forward to eating left over soup for lunch tomorrow! I think Josh should stay home and cook more often. I could get used to coming home to yummy dinners.

Playing in the Pumpkin Patch

You might think from my choice of entertainment (making caramel apples, running around zoos and visiting pumpkin patches) that I must have small children or perhaps am a child myself. This would probably be a reasonable assumption if I were anyone else, but I am not. I am a grown up (or at least that’s what they tell me) but I really REALLY like doing kid stuff. Or, at least my own version of kid stuff. Perhaps its the teacher in me that enjoys the children’s section of book stores more than anywhere else, or a family fun fair, or perhaps I just haven’t really grown up. Either way, I am lucky to have a partner that also loves to be goofy with me and enjoys being dragged along on my adventures!

Yesterday was the day we picked for our annual visit to the pumpkin patch. I feel like I have been talking about this constantly, but I always get super excited about this event. Josh and I made this a tradition years ago when we started dating. I love fall and there is nowhere better to celebrate fall than a pumpkin patch.

pp 1

We had the perfect day! The sun was shining but it was very cool. I was silly and completely under dressed for the cold. Luckily I found a hat and some mittens in my trunk. Although they were extremely goofy looking they did the trick and I was nice and toasty.

The pumpkin patch we visit is about half an hour away and very close to the small village I grew up in. They are very well known and run a year-round business. Their fall pumpkin festival includes a haunted barn, corn maze, wagon rides, pick your own pumpkin, food and entertainment, and a pumpkin cannon. There is also tons to do for little kids. Although I may want to be a small child, my size and embarrassment prevented me from playing in the giant sand pit or playing pumpkin bowling or going through the hay bail maze. Someday I’ll have a kid and get to live vicariously through them!

pumpkin patch collage 1

Oh, and the farm has a petting zoo. A few years ago they used to let you go right into the pen with the goats and chickens and sheep but I suppose people were getting their fingers bitten off. At least you still get to feed the animals. I loved that little goat he reminded me of Marley.

pumpkin patch collage 2

I think Josh makes a very good sheep. Perhaps a sheep with some attitude but we will forgive him. I loved the tractor ride. There is no better way to enjoy the fall colours then travelling through huge farmer’s fields. My sub-par photographer skills don’t do it justice of course.

pumpkin cannon collage

The pumpkin cannon is by far the best part. It’s amazing how far they can shoot the pumpkins and the kids are supper cute counting down for the cannon fire and cheering. Who am I kidding, I was doing it right along with them.

After a very long search for the perfect pumpkin we finally picked two and headed home. I think I was pretty decisive this year and didn’t make Josh carry too many pumpkins around the field before I settled on my final pick. Josh picked a white gourd. It will look awesome when we carve it. Going to the pumpkin patch is the ultimate activity for fall but it also means fall is coming to its close. I can’t believe Halloween is less than 2 weeks away. Soon I’ll be planning for Christmas. This is really an exciting time of year!


Fridays Favourite Things

fridays favorite things

Happy Friday!! I am really excited for this weekend. I may have had a few not so stellar days this week, Perhaps even the kind that make you don’t want to ever go back to work again. Oh well, we are moving on. I am also really excited because this weekend Josh and I are finally going to the pumpkin patch for our annual trip! This will take another thing off my fall bucket list.

Fridays are pretty awesome! Today I am linking up with Heather at Housewife Glamour for Friday Favourites!

Friday Favorites October Button Medium


1. Veggie Sticks!

I might be the last person on earth to have discovered these Veggie Sticks. I swear I need to hit up Costco more often. There are so many awesome things hidden inside that ridiculously big store. These are the perfect snack, I love that you can get them in individual packages now. They taste awesome with hummus and greek yogurt dip. I convinced Josh we needed a big box for our lunches. I am not fooled into thinking that they are the same as eating vegetables but hey, aren’t they at least a step closer? Plus they are way better than eating chips or even crackers.

veggie straws

2. Honey Crisp Apples

Keeping with the food theme, Honey Crisp apples are by far the best apples ever!! They might be more expensive and a bit harder to find but they are totally worth it. I am obsessed with them! You can probably tell by the over use of exclamation marks. I will try to tone it down. but really, when do apples taste like a treat? They don’t, I don’t care what you say. Apples are fruit not treats (unless they are Honey Crisps). So lets all be thankful for fall and the wonderful Honey Crisp apples popping up everywhere!

honey crisp

3. My new dragonfly bowl

This past weekend I went with my mom to an autumn craft show. This is a big tradition for us, we always go on Thanksgiving. I love hand made things. Craft shows are great places to pick up amazing pottery, home decor, gifts and jewelry. The vendors probably don’t like to hear this but I also get ideas for my own projects. It’s just so much fun. This year I picked up some amazing pearl stud earrings and a beautiful bowl. I love the size of my new bowl, it isn’t too big, making it perfect to serve vegetables or hold fruit.

new bowl

4. Gone Girl

Okay, I am totally hooked! Don’t spoil anything. I broke down and decided to read the book before I see the movie. I am not done yet but I will be in quite possibly a few hours. I am a bit surprised too because I really don’t like mysteries or anything too scary. This book might be converting me.

Gone Girl: A Novel


5. Fossil Earring

I love fossil. Their watches and jewelry are so amazing. I wish I could own everything. But alas, I cannot. Believe me, I am trying. These stud earrings are a staple for fossil and I love them. I need them in every colour. I sure hope Santa is reading this post (wink wink).

Fossil Mint Studs| FOSSIL® Jewelry

6. Tabbata Workouts

I am in love. These are a new discovery for me but I am already feeling the rewards. Tabbatas help me fit in a quick and sweaty workout with very little equipment for the mot part. I love how intense they are in a short amount of time. I did this workout from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers yesterday and was pleasantly surprised about how much my body felt it this morning. Loving the burn!

Tabata Workout: Four different tabatas that will leave you dripping in sweat!


What are you loving this Friday?

October Goals: Check Up

Remember the goals I set for October? Well we are a little over half way through the month and I am sharing how I am doing on my goals. You can check out all of my October goals here.

october goals

1. Be a Fish

My original goal was to drink a glass of water before each meal, in order to keep me mindful of my hydration throughout the day. I would say I a rocking this goal for the most part. There might have been times where I missed that glass of water but my mindfulness has been right on. I have been much more consistent with my hydration and drinking a lot more water. I really want to keep this up for the rest of the month.

2. Eat Like a Rabbit

For October, I made the goal of eating a salad at least once a week. I think I still have some work to do on this goal. Being really sick for the first week and a half of the month threw my diet off quite a bit. However, I have been eating WAY more veggies. I have been adding them to my meals and making veggies my snacking choice. I have even had a few salads.

3. Stay Home

I knew this goals would be a hard one for me. I love to eat out and it can be hard to avoid when you are on the run a lot and lead a busy life like I do. So far I haven’t been doing all that great on this one (womp womp) but I am still determined to decrease the amount I eat out and want to refocus on this goal throughout the rest of the month.

4. Get Moving

My goal was to complete at least four workouts a week in October. I was really excited about this until I got hit by the cold from hell. My chest took a beating and I knew my body couldn’t handle the workouts. I am feeling much better now and am ready to get active again! I have already completed 2 good workouts this week and have appointments for at least 2 more.

5. Keep Treat Days to Saturdays

Well this is another one to refocus on. I eat what I want when I am sick, I don’t restrict myself when something might make me feel better. While I did try to eat healthy nutritious food when I was sick to give my body strength, I also ate treats when I wanted them. And then I had Thanksgiving. Well now things are back to normal and I am trying to focus on rewarding myself on Saturdays.

I am fairly happy with how things are going this month. There is always more work to do and more progress to be made. I think the biggest thing is that I keep these goals on my mind and strive towards them. Whether or not I am perfect doesn’t matter, I am trying.


WIAW #2: Getting Back on Track

Yesterday was all about trying to get myself back on track after a crazy holiday weekend. Three Thanksgiving dinners and lots of fun with family meant eating (almost) whatever I wanted and enjoying it completely. Unfortunately this has left my stomach feeling not so hot. To put myself back on track I kept my meals light yesterday and mostly stayed away from dairy products.


Thanks for the great link-up Jenn!


Yesterday I made myself a fruit smoothie for breakfast. I must admit I am pretty boring when it comes to my smoothies. This one has strawberries, mangoes and peaches, vanilla protein powder and coconut milk. I am really not a great fan of straight coconut milk but it was all I had in the fridge. This hit the spot though and made me feel good all morning long.

morning smoothie


For lunch I packed some of my the creamy potato soup. I first made this a few weeks ago and then made another batch at the end of last week. This time I added lots of cauliflower as well as potatoes. I love this soup. I like creamy soups but don’t have a great blender. Lots of creamy sounds require you to blend up your veggies. This type of step totally turns me off making that recipe. Its just too many dishes to clean and mess to make.



My new favourite snack are veggie straws! These things might not be that much better than potato chips but they are lighter calorie wise and I can pretend they are full of veggies. I am also loving the fact that Costco now sells them in individual snack size bags. They make the perfect snack for my lunch bag. I also love to eat them with hummus or Summer Fresh Greek Yogurt Dip. Its sooo yummy!

veggie straws

My other favourite snack is Honey Crisp Apples. I am taking that whole apple a day thing to heart. I really don’t want to get sick again. That might be impossible while working in  a kindergarten cesspool of germs, but I try. Honey crisp are easiest to find in the fall and I am getting my fill. If this isn’t your favourite apple of all time there is something going on with you, maybe you should rethink.

honey crisp


Dinner was left up to Josh yesterday. After being fed by family literally all weekend, we didn’t think much about grocery shopping. I pulled some ground turkey out of the freezer but everything else was up to his imagination. I came home to some tasty pasta. I can’t complain because I was super tired and very happy to not have to cook when I got home.


The day ended with some green tea and a few chocolate chips. Josh wants some more pumpkin baking in the house soon. I am resisting since there were so many treats this past weekend. I know if I bring any baking into the house I will eat it all! I can’t help myself. Happy WIAW everyone!! Marley also wishes you a good day. He is such a funny duck, but a cute one!

cuddle buddy

The Day After the Dinners

Today’s story is all about getting back on track after Thanksgiving merriment. I am not the type of person that goes all out at holiday dinners. I don’t cram my plate with large amounts of turkey and stuffing and gravy like some people. I also don’t feel like I over indulge in dessert. But, when you have three family dinners and lots of other dates with family and friends crammed into one short weekend, the beginning of the week calls for an overhaul.

Throughout my holiday weekend I was very mindful of my October goals. I made sure to drink lots of water, get veggies in whenever I could and even snuck in some physical activity. Unfortunately I missed some of my regular exercise appointments due to family commitments. This cold is also really hanging on to me. My lungs are not completely over it, so I am still being cautious on the exercise front.

morning workouts

One thing I really noticed this weekend was my stomach aches after a large amount of dairy. I really try to keep my dairy intake on a strict limit. I LOVE cheese and chocolate milk so I am not ready to give them up forever, but I do try to limit and make compromises. If I have a lot of dairy at one meal (like a pizza) I won’t eat any other dairy that day. During a holiday weekend those types of routines sort of go out the window. You can’t monitor how your great aunt makes the mashed potatoes or how much milk went into that bean casserole. I was definitely feeling the dairy belly at the end of the weekend. Today’s game was about staying away from dairy. I am going to be extra strict for the rest of the week.

While I tried to fill up on veggies throughout the weekend (I am doing better with my salad eating goals) my meals were lacking in fruit. This week I will be filling up on breakfast smoothies full or fruit to start my day off on a healthy note and ensuring I get in some extra fruits. I also want to drink lots of green tea. This is a great way to cleanse your system and make yourself feel healthy.


How do you get back on track after a big holiday weekend?


Thanksgiving Weekend Recap: Food, food and more food

Happy Thanksgiving! I had a wonderful three day weekend filled with lots of family fun and, what else, food. Between my family and Josh’s there were THREE family dinners. I am stuffed, quite literally. There were also lots of fun traditions to get caught up on, family to see and all sorts of other eating going on. What else are holidays for other than family and food? I will be sharing a quick weekend recap in pictures today and then later about the day after the dinner and how I am getting back on track with all things health wise for the rest of this week.



Saturday morning my mom and I went to the annual harvest craft show in Buckhorn. We always make the trip before our big family dinner on Saturday. We love to browse and buy some neat finds. I picked up some very pretty pearl earrings and a handmade pottery bowl. Its beautiful and will be great for serving veggies and side dishes. There is a great trail from the parking lot to the craft show. We walk it every year to see the leaves and collect acorns.

cottage view

Our first family dinner was at my cousin’s cottage. It was beautiful looking over the lake. Unfortunately it was pretty cold and icky out Saturday night so we didn’t get out for as much walking as we usually would. It was really nice to see all of my cousins and great aunts and uncles. I love having a big extended family, it makes family gatherings so much fun!

airport breakfast trip

Sunday morning my parents took Josh and me, and my brother and his girlfriend out for breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal to have out. It always tastes better when someone else makes it. We went to the local airport restaurant to have our meal. Its really neat because you can sit and see the plains taking off and landing. Of course I had my favourite breakfast, breakfast sandwich and potatoes. It will be fruit smoothies for the rest of the week to balance things out!

Last Trip to Silver Beans

Josh and I found out that today was the last day our favourite coffee shop would be open for the season. We dragged my brother on a walk and went to have a hot chocolate on the patio. It was the perfect fall day. I wish that little place was open all year long. It will be a long wait for their amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

thanksgiving dinner

I must say our third dinner was the tastiest. This is probably because my grandmother doesn’t believe in making things ‘healthy.’ Veggies are meant to have tons of creamy sauce and butter on them! I can’t say I disagree but I will be working this meal off tomorrow. Its all worth it though and only comes around a few times a year.