My Favourite YouTube Workouts

fav youtube workouts

Its not a secret that I love to workout at home. Getting dressed and going out into the cold just seems to derail me from my workout goals. If I can get a workout in at home I am more likely to do it. While I know I work harder in a group fitness class or with other people, sometimes that just isn’t possible. Any workout is better than no workout.

My love of working out at home has led me to discover many different workouts on the internet. YouTube is an amazing thing. I can have access to a cardio workout, strength, yoga, Pilates workout or try something totally new. Today have I have put together a few of my favorite YouTube workouts. Check them out. You never know, you might discover something new and gain some motivation to get your sweat on!

I actually own this on DVD but I have watched it on YouTube when I am away from home or missing my copy. Jillian Micheals isn’t always my go-to fitness instructor. I am not into the drill Sargent type of motivation. However, she has some killer workouts and this one is a good old simple workout. This workout has three levels of difficulty so you can pick your level. I love the circuit style, it goes by super quick.

Class Fit Sugar is AMAZING!! If you haven’t discovered these yet, you may live under a rock. They are all over Pinterest and the rest of the internet. Even still they are worth saving. Most of the workouts are 10 minutes long, which is all well and good, but if you are looking for something more this one is something to try. I love this workout it kicks my but and works muscles I can sometimes forget.

This is an oldie but a goodie. This burn and firm Pilates workouts will kill you bum. In a good way of course. I discovered this workout at my local library on DVD many years ago. It definitely contributed to my love of Pilates. Years later I was excited to find it on YouTube. I love the cardio and standing portion, it makes for a balanced and challenging workout.

Denise Austin is a staple. You can’t go wrong. I haven’t done many dance inspired workouts in a while but every once in a while I get the desire to dance! I am a sucker for dance aerobics.

Class Fit Sugar for the win again! This workout is broken up into chunks that focus on specific muscle groups. Its great when I want a full body workout with very little equipment.

Thanks for reading my favorite YouTube workouts. I hoped it motivated you to get active. And thanks for the great Linkup Heather!



My Fitness Bucket List

my fitness bucketlist

When I was a kid I was not active. I mean, quite honestly if you told me I would one day run a half marathon when I was 12 I would have laughed. Like, a lot. I hated gym class, running to get somewhere or any type of team sport. The thing is, those were the only physical activities I had been exposed to at that point in my life. Fast forward a few years and I now know that there is a huge world of choices and options for how to be physical and active. As I continue on my journey to lead a fit and healthy life I grow braver and more confident in my ability. I also add more and more things to my fitness bucket list.

1. Complete a Triathlon

I bike, I run, how hard could a tri be right? Well when you hardly swim, the idea of a triathlon gets harder to wrap your head around. I have had tons of swimming lessons in my life but know I would need more in order to get triathlon ready. It is something I really want to accomplish in my life but I have no idea when the opportunity or time will present itself. In the mean time I will make sure to keep up on the running and biking portions 🙂

2. Run a Marathon

Half marathon training is a huge time commitment. I can’t imagine doubling that amount of time. When ever I run a half I look at the people passing the finish line only half way through their race. That would be the hardest thing I could imagine. One day I will do it. I need to be one of the people on earth who has run a marathon. If there is a will there is a way and I will find it!

3. Run Disney

I have never been to Disney Land or World but what better way to discover it then to run! The route is mostly flat and full of entertainment and fun along the way. I loved stopping and taking pictures during our zoo run and that would just multiply at Disney. The races are very popular and expensive but Josh and I both want to make this a goal one day.


4. Kayak in the Ocean

I love kayaking and I especially enjoy it in shallow lakes and rivers. I am not much of a white water paddler but I love touring. I would love to do some adventuring in a tropical place or on the east coat of Canada.

5. Complete a Women’s Only Race

Josh and I have completed all of our big races together as a couple. He has pulled me through both of our half marathons and I don’t know if I could have done it on my own. However, it is a big goal for me to one day complete a woman’t only run either on my own or with a friend. Women only races always look like so much fun and always have such fun swag. I think it would be an awesome gift to give myself for my birthday.

7k flamingos

6. Become a Group Fitness Instructor

I have no idea if I will ever accomplish this goal but it is something that has been tumbling around in my head for a while. I see fitness instruction as another form of teaching. I would love to broaden my horizons learn some new skills and share my love of fitness with others. I have thought a lot about leading a learn to run clinic at the Running Room and this is something I may do in the next couple of years. Who knows, dream big or go home!

7 Learn Ballroom Dancing

I think I have Josh on the hook for this one before our wedding. I think it would be super fun to learn a new skill and prepare something extra special for our wedding dance. The best way to be active and fit is by doing it with your partner. Ballroom dancing would be something new for both of us and help us build some lasting memories together.

What’s on your fitness bucket list?


Friday Favourite Workouts

TGIF!!!!! And Happy Halloween! Oh my goodness I have never been so happy to see a Friday in my life. This week has just drawn on and on forever. It has been a  stressful one and I am happy to see it go. Luckily the weekend is on its way and its going to be a good one. Of course there’s Halloween if your into things like that lol, and I am headed to Kingston on Saturday to visit my brother and maybe do a bit of shopping. I can’t wait I love ktown and my brother of course!

This week I have been thinking a lot about my favorite workouts. I am starting really having a hard time committing myself to more than a run or two a week and am looking for more in my workouts. I also think my body needs different conditioning that running just can’t provide. There is just too much out there to move in only one way.

fridays favorite things

Today I am going to share my top 5 favourite workouts. I like all sorts of things and it really does depend on my mood. I am a Gemini and I have that whole multiple personality thing going for me. I have a short attention span and get bored easily. I need to mix things up.

1. Running!

Running is still one of my favourite fitness activities. Even though I seem to be in a running slump right now, I still love running. Nothing else gives me that full body feeling of “I’ve worked hard.” I still love the runner’s high. And I still love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I run. Its so amazing to get outside at any time of year and push my body to its limit.

This month I have signed up for Run, Eat, Repeat’s Pile on the Miles. I have made the goal to run at least 10k a week. I think this is a manageable goal. Especially because I am still playing with the idea of half marathon training. I have pulled out the winter running gear and I am ready to get moving.


2. Boot Camp Group Classes

This is a somewhat new discovery for me. I have been neglecting strength training for too long. Boot camp reminds me how amazing it is to train to be strong. I have stronger arms, legs and abs since starting a weekly boot camp class. In the next couple of months I plan on taking on 2 boot camp classes a week. I love group fitness classes. It is fun to make new friends and have support while you workout.

3. Piloxing

This is one I haven’t been able to do since we moved. I haven’t been able to find a Piloxing class in my town. This makes me really sad and I am still looking. Piloxing is a mix of Pilates, Cardio Boxing and Dance. It is an amazing, high paced, intense workout. I love it! I used to do it twice a week and I miss it sooo much! I am ordering the DVD and going to try doing it on my own every once in a while. I know it won’t be the same as taking a class with a qualified instructor but it might help me get in my fix.

4. Tabatta’s and Circuit Workouts

Whats better than working out in front of your favourite TV show? Nothing as far as I’m concerned. I love to get out of bed put on my workout gear, roll out my mat, get it done and get in the shower without putting on a coat or shoes. Getting out and working out outside and with other people is great and all but sometimes I just don’t feel too sociable. I want to get it done super fast and with as little interruption as possible. Circuit workouts or tabattas are awesome. I can get sweaty and build strength with little equipment or a gym.

5. Pilates

I love Pilates, it kicks my butt whenever I  go to a class. Pilates makes me feel strong and lean. It is also really easy to do at home with the help of a DVD or YouTube. I find my flexibility slipping farther and farther away these days. Actually, lets me serious, I was never flexible. I failed the flexibility test in high school (but really that shouldn’t even be a test.)

Thanks so much for the link-up Heather!

Housewife Glamour




Fall Walks, Workouts and Weight loss Updates

fall walks, workouts and weightloss updates


Fall is here and there have been lots of chances for fun outdoor activities, and more to come. I have been fitting in lots of workouts and outdoor activity lately. I thought I would share some of the goings on and an update on my weight right now.

My runs have been amazing lately. This Sunday was one of the best. We are out of the hazy hot humid weather and that means good things for our runs. It might make it harder to bear the cold and get going but once I start to warm up I embrace the cold weather. This weekend I got home from my long run and my skin was cold and pink. That always happens to me in the winter, I was actually surprised to see myself, I didn’t think it was that cold. Oh well I will take this weather, especially if it means a super awesome race weekend this coming week.

Today my mom and I decided to take a fall walk. There is an amazing trail behind their house that is long and flat. Its the best place to take in the changing season. You are surrounded by trees, plants, fields and animals. We walked out to an old train bridge to take in the view. My mom loves the bridge but it freaks me out. Even though there is a huge railing and is very much safe I never feel safe walking or biking over it. Maybe I am overreacting but it is quite high and I feel I could be blown over by the wind.

fall walks

fall walk

fall walks 2


Boot camp was wet, wet, wet. It started to rain the minute I got in my car to go to the class and only got harder and wetter as time went on. The workout was great, full of wall sits and running to keep us warm from the cold water pouring down our backs. I think my bum is going to feel it tomorrow. I came home looking like a wet rat and got shuffled into the shower immediately by Josh. Hopefully I don’t get sick, I am huddled under a blanket trying to ward off the chills right now, but still thankful for a good workout.

I haven’t done an update on my weight in quite some time. That is mostly because I have been in a plateau and haven’t wanted to do an update until I saw some real change. It has been really frustrating to be stuck bopping around at one weight for so long. It has really pushed me to make choices I am not proud of, seeing numbers I don’t like makes me think ‘what’s the point?’

However, I don’t only want weight loss. I want a healthy lifestyle and balance. Which means I am really trying to look beyond the number on the scale. I have stronger arms, stronger legs, my runs are easier, I feel lighter and move easier, I can do more burpees than I could a month ago. These are things that are not to be ignored, they are important. But even still, the number still matters and it still ways on my mind.

I am now 15 pounds lost. I can confidently say that even though the exact number hops up and down a bit. I am also three pounds lighter than the last time I did a weight loss update. This is not where I meant to be half way through September and its bothering me. But, you know what, its okay. Even if my weight moves down at a glacier pace it is still moving down. Plus I have managed to not give up my favourite treats and I do not feel deprived. Rather I am finding myself making more and more better choices, crackers instead of chips on a Saturday night, one cookie instead of the whole pan, turning down treats I didn’t think were that good, drinking tea instead of hot chocolate. Lets celebrate the little things and know that I am moving forward.

Pilates and Pumpkin Cookies

Hi friends!

I hope everyone is having a good Friday and excited for the weekend, I know I am. Today was an awesome day full of fun and some awesome pumpkin baking. Today we got some true fall weather. The sun was shining and there was a crispness in the air. Although I am still grieving the very short and cold summer we just had, I love the fall. It is my favourite season and I am very grateful to be able to enjoy it.

Perhaps I should have gotten up and taken advantage of the awesome weather to go for a run outside, but for some reason that didn’t occur to me until right now. I think that’s because I got it in my head that I wanted to hit up a step and Pilates class this morning. I haven’t been to a step class in years. I used to really like step aerobics. It has gone out of style in the fitness world though and I have moved on to other things.

I love Pilates but I haven’t had the chance to go to a class in three years. I don’t have a gym membership so I would have to find a class to sign up for that works in my schedule. I am also VERY picky when it comes to Pilates. I used to take a class a few years ago with an AMAZING instructor. Her classes always killed me and were so much fun. She had every move perfectly matched to the music and made the time go by super fast even when you bum felt like it was on fire. I really miss it, she doesn’t teach anymore and since then no Pilates class has lived up. Maybe I’m a snob? But common, if I’m paying for something I want to enjoy myself.

This morning’s classes kicked my butt. Seriously. I am so sore right now I am seriously considering a bubble bath. I work out, like all the time. I do tons of squats and bur-pees and tons of stuff. I run for an hour at a time and still go on with my day like no big deal. How can Pilates be so hard? Well it can. If you are not a regular Pilates doer, your first class kills. Apparently I am neglecting millions of tiny mean muscles all over my body that are retaliating on me right now. Its pretty awesome, I’m embracing the burn and using this feeling to remind myself to start searching for a new Pilates class. I think this needs to be in my regular routine.

After my workout adventures I got down to some serious business. Baking cookies. I have a wedding shower to attend tomorrow and was asked to bring a desert. Does anyone get super nervous when they have to attend a pot-luck? I do. Probably because it is a joke in my family that I can’t cook. Plus I never know what to make, I hate having to by tons of ingredients, and I usually forget about it until half an hour before the event and end up being the guest who brings something lame and store bought. Ugh. Not this time though! I will have something wonderful, tasty and homemade to contribute. I decided to bake these delicious pumpkin-oat chocolate chip cookies.  I had a pretty cute baking partner today.

finnick collage

Apparently Finnick loves baking. I swear he got a bit creepy by the end of the day. Every time I turned around he was staring at me. He also seems to love pumpkin. Actually both my cats are little mooches and I have too keep a close eye whenever I a baking. I have caught Marley sitting in the sink licking dirty dishes before. I swear we are not crazy cat people, we just have crazy cats. Finnick’s company did make the cookie adventure more fun. Making cookies is a lot of work. I think its the numerous batches. You end up baby-sitting the cookies all afternoon, setting timers scooping batter and all sorts of stuff. Good thing the cookies were worth it!

pumpkin oat chocolate chip cookies

They might not look like the pictures on Cooking Classy but I can honestly say they might be my new favourite cookie recipe. Or at least Josh’s new favourite cookie recipe. He loves pumpkin and instantly requested these every week for the rest of eternity after trying one. I think they are going to be a crowd pleaser!

They taste like fall and I think the best part was I succeeded in trying two then putting the rest away in their container and have no desire to binge of them at all. That’s awesome for me. I like to bake but know I can’t make goodies without eating them all. And making them to share always back fires because I usually eat too many to share them and then end up eating them all. Wow that sounds terrible. Let’s just say I have been trying to avoid baking in order to stay balanced and on track. not diving into these cookies is a big step and very promising.

Well I am off to that bubble bath, happy weekend!

Something Different

Today I was home from work again. This is starting to get a bit old. I am running out of things to keep me busy and I am starting to feel a bit bored. You can only sweep the floors and tidy a teeny tiny apartment so many time. In order to try and combat some of that boredom I decided to head over to my old gym and do an exercise class.

I am a big believer that you don’t need a gym membership to keep active. Gym memberships are a luxury in my world and not necessary. Instead I use workout DVDs, run outside and take advantage of some pay-as-you-go classes that are privately instructed. I did have a gym membership while I was in university but I found that it was a waste of money. I hardly ever used the gym except for exercise classes. They are my favourite part.

This morning I hit up a HIIT class. I have never done one of these before. This seems to be a new trend I haven’t quite caught on to yet. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is supposed to be a big cardio workout and burn lots of calories. All of these things sounded really good to me. We used light hand weights and did some mat work at the end.

All in all I wasn’t totally impressed. Of course every teacher is different and every class at every different studio is different. I wasn’t feeling this particular class. The class was challenging in some ways and I did work up quite a sweat but there were a few things that didn’t quite fit my style. The music the instructor used was a lot of 80’s dance music and it seemed to include too many slow songs for a high intensity class. While I don’t run with music I find the music in my exercise classes really important. When I take a class I want the music to fit with the movements and motivate me to keep going. This playlist seemed pretty slapped together. While I am glad I tried something different I don’t think I’ll be marking this class on my calendar.

After my workout I took my mom to run some errands, she feeling pretty sick, and we got some sushi for lunch. My mom LOVES sushi. It drives me crazy because its all she ever wants to eat when we go out. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the odd sushi lunch, but its not my favourite. Plus sushi is deceptively unhealthy and packs a huge calorie punch. Or at least all the sushi that tastes good does anyways. I try to keep my sushi selections small and make sure it fits into my eating plans for the day. Shrimp tempura roles really do rock my world though.



The rest of my day involved rescuing my cat from the great outdoors. He really is too curious for his own good. I looked away for one second and he was on our neighbors patio. I was quite the sight running up and down our back stairs trying to scoot him back inside. After the great cat rescuing things got pretty lazy around here. It was raining after all 🙂 This is pretty much what the rest of my day is looking like, with perhaps a Starbucks trip in my future. Hopefully I will work tomorrow, if not I think a Pilates class sounds fun.



My Motivational Calendar

I know that everyone has a different way to motivate themselves and stay n track while they moose weight. I thought today I would share one of mine, my motivation calendar.  This is something that I have been meaning to do for a long time. I am not sure why it has taken me s long other than the fact that I think my calendar is pretty personal. I don`t share it with anyone. But my weight has been plateaued for a while now and my calendar has started to get the shaft. Maybe staring it here will inspire me to kick up my efforts and get back on track.

In the past I have made vision boards, put up quotes and pictures around my house and continue to use My Fitness Pal, to track my eating and exercise. The last few months I have tried something a bit different. My motivational calendar is a place I keep track of my good days, not so good days, my workouts, my weight and my measurements. I also include motivational thoughts and quotes that inspire me.

motivational calendar

When I make my calendar for the month I include my week`s planned workouts. I put on specific work outs like Boot Camp classes and the distances I plan on running that week. I also include general workouts like Home Strength workouts. This way, even if I am not sure what my workouts will be on certain days, I have still scheduled some type of workout. I also type in some motivational quotes on days splattered through the month. Everyday when I look at my calendar I read these to myself and take in the messages.

Some of my favorite quotes for my calendar:

`Strive for progress not perfection`

`You deserve to work harder for yourself`

`Quitting is not an option`

`Its going to take time and patience but I can do this`

`Don`t cheat yourself out of what you truly want`

I leave the calendar on my dresser and every night I put a sticker on that day if I have completed my goal for that day. I give myself a sticker if I have stayed within my calorie goal, made good choices through the day and completed the workouts I had planned for that day. I don`t count calories on Saturdays but I give myself a sticker even if I have gone over my calorie intake as long as I made some good choices and don`t feel like I have indulged too much. At the end of the week I take my weight and measurements and write them on the back of my calendar. That way I can see my progress easily in front of me.

Keeping these positive thoughts and my weight loss plan right in front of my keeps me feeling organized and motivated. Never under estimate the power of a sparkly butterfly sticker!

What are your motivational tricks and tips?