My Fitness Bucket List

my fitness bucketlist

When I was a kid I was not active. I mean, quite honestly if you told me I would one day run a half marathon when I was 12 I would have laughed. Like, a lot. I hated gym class, running to get somewhere or any type of team sport. The thing is, those were the only physical activities I had been exposed to at that point in my life. Fast forward a few years and I now know that there is a huge world of choices and options for how to be physical and active. As I continue on my journey to lead a fit and healthy life I grow braver and more confident in my ability. I also add more and more things to my fitness bucket list.

1. Complete a Triathlon

I bike, I run, how hard could a tri be right? Well when you hardly swim, the idea of a triathlon gets harder to wrap your head around. I have had tons of swimming lessons in my life but know I would need more in order to get triathlon ready. It is something I really want to accomplish in my life but I have no idea when the opportunity or time will present itself. In the mean time I will make sure to keep up on the running and biking portions 🙂

2. Run a Marathon

Half marathon training is a huge time commitment. I can’t imagine doubling that amount of time. When ever I run a half I look at the people passing the finish line only half way through their race. That would be the hardest thing I could imagine. One day I will do it. I need to be one of the people on earth who has run a marathon. If there is a will there is a way and I will find it!

3. Run Disney

I have never been to Disney Land or World but what better way to discover it then to run! The route is mostly flat and full of entertainment and fun along the way. I loved stopping and taking pictures during our zoo run and that would just multiply at Disney. The races are very popular and expensive but Josh and I both want to make this a goal one day.


4. Kayak in the Ocean

I love kayaking and I especially enjoy it in shallow lakes and rivers. I am not much of a white water paddler but I love touring. I would love to do some adventuring in a tropical place or on the east coat of Canada.

5. Complete a Women’s Only Race

Josh and I have completed all of our big races together as a couple. He has pulled me through both of our half marathons and I don’t know if I could have done it on my own. However, it is a big goal for me to one day complete a woman’t only run either on my own or with a friend. Women only races always look like so much fun and always have such fun swag. I think it would be an awesome gift to give myself for my birthday.

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6. Become a Group Fitness Instructor

I have no idea if I will ever accomplish this goal but it is something that has been tumbling around in my head for a while. I see fitness instruction as another form of teaching. I would love to broaden my horizons learn some new skills and share my love of fitness with others. I have thought a lot about leading a learn to run clinic at the Running Room and this is something I may do in the next couple of years. Who knows, dream big or go home!

7 Learn Ballroom Dancing

I think I have Josh on the hook for this one before our wedding. I think it would be super fun to learn a new skill and prepare something extra special for our wedding dance. The best way to be active and fit is by doing it with your partner. Ballroom dancing would be something new for both of us and help us build some lasting memories together.

What’s on your fitness bucket list?